Hi, I’m Tansu.

 (pronounced “Tun-Soo”, though I’ve been called everything from “Taynis” to “Tanoos” and will likely respond to “Bob” at this point.)

I’m a student/intern/daughter/sister/everything but the kitchen sink. Although a lot of my life is spent running up and down, my “me” time always involves enjoying a good meal. Whether it’s a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant or a quick sandwich on the go, I love all types of food and have yet to go a single day without indulging at least once. Join me as I travel across the globe sampling different cuisines and interviewing all types of fellow foodies, be it celebrity chefs or moms-and-pops.

Please feel free to move around the website using the menu to the left. You can check out Tastings for my go-to favorites all over the world, my Vlog for a more in-depth look at certain restaurants, and Personal Recommendations to figure out what you’re eating for lunch today. Be sure to like me on Facebook and add me on Instagram to stay up to date!

Thanks for stopping by🙂

Always in good taste,


Tansu Philip’s qualifications include a knack for navigating Yelp, finding budget-friendly meals, and a tongue with working tastebuds. She was trained classically in the art of eating food since birth. 

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Heather Block says:

    Tansu, I thoroughly enjoyed your video and your visit today! Thank you for being such a valuable contributor to Redlands and RHS! Best wishes for a successful year traveling and tasting foods around the world!
    Heather Block

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