My name is Tansu.

I’m a student/intern/daughter/sister/everything but the kitchen sink. Although a lot of my life is spent running up and down, my “me” time always involves enjoying a good meal. Whether it’s a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant or a quick sandwich on the go, I love all types of food and have yet to go a single day without indulging at least once. I recently decided to combine my passions for both food and broadcast journalism into one, and this wonderful website is the result. Join me as I travel across the globe sampling different cuisines and interviewing all types of fellow foodies, be it celebrity chefs or moms-and-pops.

Please feel free to move around the website using the menu at the top.

And remember, life’s too short to bore your tastebuds.

Always in good taste,


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Tansu, I thoroughly enjoyed your video and your visit today! Thank you for being such a valuable contributor to Redlands and RHS! Best wishes for a successful year traveling and tasting foods around the world!
    Heather Block

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